Barba Business suite

Barba Petrol Station

This works just like the small bars systems but off course in petrol stations readings and dippings are used to establish the sales at the end of each shift.Read more.

Barba Rent/Property Management

The product help Estate Agents who manages building on behalf of landlords or Land lords who want to maintain good tenants records on their own.Read more

Barba POS

Users will be able to update cash at customer check out. The current POS can be used with or without barcode scanner and print Cash Sales Receipts and Update Stock simultaneously.Read more

Barba Production Control

Record Productions Made and Packaging Production to record each batch of item made and sent for packing.Packing department also to record number of each item they pack and send to sales or finished goods store.Readmore

Barba Inventory & Cash Control

Accurate calculations of sales on daily basis prevent cash loss.Auto update of stock level give you control of your business.Accurate record of people who owes the business money Readmore

Barba Hotel & Reservation System

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